World: The Stolen Fortune


World 1

Main Character

The Hero


Year 672

World: The Stolen Fortune (also known as simply as World or The Stolen Fortune) is the first installment in the World series of Minecraft maps. It chronicles the adventures of an unnamed adventurer as he travels the World in search of King Barteme IV's stolen fortune. The Stolen Fortune is notable as the first, and, as of today, most popular map of Ressficent's maps. It was expanded upon with The Adventurer's Update after release.


In The Stolen Fortune, the player is put in control of an unnamed adventurer who is travelling the Dinsar Plains. Shortly before the story's start, the adventurer has a dream in which a mysterious voice calls him to the nearby Dinsar City. When he arrives, he discovers instructions from King Barteme IV, who disappeared years ago, to recover his fortune, which has been stolen by a famous adventurer named Iris. The King instructs the adventurer on a quest which eventually leads him to Len City, where he discovers a note explaining Iris has been dead for years, and he was in love with the witch Ivana, who protected the treasure he had amassed in his adventures. Before Iris's death, however, their relationship fell apart when Iris discovered Ivana was truly stealing his treasure and that she was truly the daughter of King Barteme IV. Iris left Lyste City to move to Len City, and reported both Ivana and her father to the Lyste Guard.

In the present time, the adventurer travels to Lyste City and into Lyste Castle's dungeon, where he finds a tunnel leading deep underground. There, there is a letter from King Barteme, explaining that he was caught by the Lyste Guard soon after leaving the trail of notes the adventurer has been following. The King explains that Ivana was merely his tool to steal the treasure from Iris, and, in fact, that he hadn't had his fortune stolen. He expresses disappointment in the fact that Ivana fell in love with Iris and revealed the plan. The King also says that the adventurer was another one of his tools -- he employed him only to kill Iris for foiling his original plan. In ending, the King invites the adventurer into the lair he has been building during his many years of incarseration, telling that though Ivana has died in the cell, he is still alive and well.

The adventurer fights through the hellish Creeper Farm King Barteme has made, and then the monster infested grave he carved out of the ground for Ivana, finally reaching the King's new, underground Dinsar Castle. He chases King Barteme to the roof of the castle, cornering him into a room above. When the adventurer enters the room, he triggers an explosion which the King has rigged to kill himself. In a note left behind, he tells that he regrets leading you on, and knows that him wanting Iris dead was purely selfish. He ends by saying that he believes the adventurer has a pure soul, and that he is the hope for the future of the World.

The Adventurer's UpdateEdit

The Adventurer's Update finds the adventurer in the land of Durvale, where he quests to conquer the four Dungeons of Durvale. As he progresses through the dungeons, he finds notes left behind by a blind adventurer named Brigit Pell, who accompanied Iris and Jern on their quest through Durvale. As the trio did before him, the adventurer defeats all four of the dungeons. In the Durvale Gardens' dungeon's treasure room, the adventurer finds a note explaining that as the trio before him took their shares of Durvale's treasure, the chamber began to collapse around them, and both Brigit and Jern were trapped under debris as Iris barely escaped and was unable to go back to save his companions as rocks collapsed over the exit. In the note, Brigit requests that if anyone ever returns to the treasure chamber that they take her share of the treasure and take it to her family on the Dinsar Plains. The adventurer fufills the request, and treks to the Dinsar Plains, giving Brigit's treasure to her yound niece, who is blind like her aunt.


The Stolen Fortune is unlike most Minecraft adventure maps of its time. It doesn't put restrictions on the player at all. In fact, there are absolutely no rules, a change from most maps which tell the player not to break or place blocks or to play on a certain difficulty. The player is able to explore the game world as they please, and even completely ignore the main quest. Due to all of this, gameplay can vary greatly. Some just explore the cities and scenery peacefully, while some embark on the main quest, fighting through dungeons as they go.


While making The Stolen Fortune, Ressficent mostly played it by ear, so to speak. [1] He says that most story elements revealed themselves to him at a time when they would weave themselves nicely into the map.


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